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#WeWearAustralian means Special

Jane Ju joins WeWearAustralian* initiative in support of local designers and the Australian fashion industry.

I dedicate my #WeWearAustralian campaign to the fragile beauty of The Great Barrier Reef. Since my first trip to The Reef, I totally fell under its spell and feel a constant desire to visit it again. I made a special collection inspired by its breathtaking beauty and each season I add new one-of-a-kind pieces to it. All of them are unique and fully handcrafted, using Australian opals and sapphires as well as Australian pearls. With this year's #WeWearAustralian campaign and for a limited time only you can purchase ANY piece from the Great Barrier Reef Collection at a special price. Just use WWA2021 code on checkout. There is a link to your unique jewel!

*This year #WeWearAustralian has united over 100 Australian brands, all of whom have donated to Thread Together, driving social, environmental, and community support by rescuing clothes from landfill and redirecting them to people in need. Read more.

Photo: in collaboration with amazing textile artists! Check to see more.


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