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Eucalyptus Brooch

I named it the Two Seasons Brooch. That was the idea: Gumtree buds and nuts - from different species, in different stages of growth - cast in silver, arranged and soldered together into one elegant piece. I've got a number of styling ideas for it: for the breast pocket of a jacket, as boutonniere, with scarves, shawl, white shirt, t-shirt. And I absolutely love the way how the costume director Joanna Mae Park styled my brooch for The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart TV series: she used it for the hat Sigourney Weaver wearing. 

I made several brooches, each one is unique. Adorned with garnets, resembling ruby red gum of these trees; with gumnuts filled with Aussie sapphires and black pearls; and my recent favorites - with little Australian opals. 

Two of them - similar to that one you see on a picture with Sigourney - are available now have a look


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