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How to Set your Christmas🎄

This Christmas Set is a result of our collaboration with Katya Komarova, a Russian Australian model and an accessory designer. And - as always - it has a story behind. One day we were catching up for a coffee, discussing some very designy matters and Katya showed me her new bag - Mono Purse. That was actually a sample - the very first little bag she made for herself. I immediately fell in love with it - with that smart foldable design, lightness and perfect size. And ordered it straight away, because it's ideal match for my current style and actually for my fashion jewellery. This silvery Ball Charm ring for instance... We should make Sets - Katya said. Let's do! - I answer😊

It was even more fun after that - we were filming this video in Katya's studio sunroom, drinking tea, then sipping wine; inventing new styling tips for a scarf and new handle designs for a bag, and her little dog Candy was very involved in the process... It does make me wondering why it tastes so delicious buying some piece from designer's hands:) We put it all in our Christmas Set boxes and we are ready to send them to you!



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